New Study: Future Needs of Generation Z

ECC Club study published

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Gen Z includes everyone born between 1996 and 2006. Climate change, Corona, a high awareness of inequality in the world and, most recently, the war in Ukraine have left their mark. They have a noticeable influence on the generation's world view, values and expectations.

But what do the everyday life, consumption and media behaviour of a generation confronted with such issues look like? With what feelings does Generation Z look at the world of tomorrow? And: What exactly does the generation of the future need?

With its first study in 2022, the ECC Club of IFH Cologne tried to find answers to these questions. As a partner of the club with a lot of experience around the consumer behaviour of Generation Z, experts from coeo were also interviewed on various questions.

Their assessments and many insights into the question "What moves Generation Z?" can be found in the recently published study. We are happy to make it available to you here free of charge.

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