Digital Change & Trends 2020 - how coeo Inkasso meets the challenges!

Efficient use of new technologies in combination with the "human factor" as a success strategy for the coming year.

Digital Change & Trends 2020 - how coeo Inkasso meets the challenges!

"It is not only important that debt collection develops in the new year and in the future - it goes without saying. Successful companies anticipate new conditions, create new standards in the market themselves and set the benchmark. This is also the claim for coeo Inkasso in 2020 - to be a pioneer, in a dynamic time", says Sebastian Ludwig, managing director of coeo Inkasso GmbH. 

We see the moment in which we live, the demands and expectations of our customers and society as well as the coming generation as drivers for the development of our company and the industry in receivables management. But legal regulations are also making ever greater demands. The need for efficient, economical processing on the one hand and the creation of individualized services for the debtor on the other.

Debt collection companies are actively called upon to help shape this change. Here at coeo Inkasso we see quite clearly the efficient implementation of the issues that are on everyone's lips today; the use of innovative technologies and methods that will have a decisive impact on competition in 2020. The targeted approach to customers and the most convenient ways of settling their outstanding receivables quickly and easily. 

Last but not least, there are still some important factors that will remain despite all the changes and will be critical for the future of our industry. For us in particular, the "DNA" of coeo Inkasso - with the strength and scalability of a large company but the flexibility and speed of a medium-sized enterprise - is not only to master and use smart technologies such as artificial intelligence, but also to value the "human factor" and the employees with their knowledge and decades of experience as an important basis.

Amazon founder J. Bezos once aptly summarized in an interview that it is important for the development of successful business models to pay attention to factors that are stable - and not just to pay attention to what is going to change over the next few years. 

At coeo Inkasso the focus is consistently on people - the employee, the customer and the debtor. 

We therefore feel that we are well prepared for the challenges of the new year.

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