Flood disaster in NRW & Rhineland-Palatinate

Reminder stop in the crisis areas

Toon - coeo Group

What happened a week ago in NRW & Rhineland-Palatinate, but also in neighbouring countries, took everyone by surprise. Also us. Although we ourselves are located in the affected area with our German sites and were expecting the heavy rain, we too did not expect such a catastrophic scale of events. 

It is only now that the full extent of what the night of last Thursday and the days that followed brought with them is really becoming clear. After the initial hardship has been alleviated, it is becoming clear what enormous damage needs to be repaired and what all needs to be rebuilt - if at all possible. 

In these hours and days, greater things are important to the people in the crisis areas than a forgotten - still outstanding - debt. This is not a question for us and our clients, but a very clear self-image.

We would like to help within the scope of our possibilities and have, with immediate effect, excluded all affected regions from the current active dunning process and are looking at the circumstances individually and with the necessary and possible goodwill in the context of recovery. 

We would like to ask all affected parties to contact us at any time and via all available channels in order to find a suitable solution for their claim together with them.
Our thoughts are with the victims, our support with the many helpers on the ground and our donation hopefully with all those who are now helping to remedy the consequences of the flood disaster in July 2021.

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