Coronavirus Pandemic & Events 2020

Where the journey is going...

Coronavirus Pandemic & Events 2020

The daily changes in the handling of the corona crisis today do not allow a serious prediction - where the journey will lead - to be made. Countless events have been banned, cancelled and/or postponed with reservations until the second half of the year. We communicate and discuss superficially via telephone and video conferences. We have also cancelled trips privately, cancelled holidays and are increasingly living out of our home office in the digital world. 

Even if an end to the restrictions is not yet in sight, loosening measures will hopefully come very soon. But it is more than uncertain whether this will lead to a return to networking in a relaxed atmosphere and convivial gatherings in the second half of the year, or to physical visits to trade fairs, exhibitions or congresses. 

We believe in a gradual management of the pandemic, in which everyone must now participate with a high degree of responsibility, solidarity and community spirit. We also believe that as the year progresses, other things will be in focus and that 2020 will not be the year for trade fairs, congresses and major events.

For all these reasons, the management of coeo Inkasso has decided to withdraw from any participation in exhibitions and events, even those postponed, and to suspend them until the end of 2020. Based on the current state of information and assessment of the situation, we believe that this is the only correct and consistent step.

Perhaps new event formats will develop out of it, which we can help to shape. Meanwhile, we are working on hybrid models - events as webcast or livestream - in order to hold events on a different scale and still reach all participants.

We ask for your understanding and look forward to meeting with you again in the next few weeks, perhaps step by step in person and again in 2021 to discuss and realize ideas for a digital and future-oriented receivables management.

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