Dr. Lutz Reingen in the VATM Yearbook

Debt Collection Act - pressure on the industry? Chance for smart debt collection!

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Above all, the question of who will govern Germany in the future with which political election programme in which coalition moves people and also the 'Verband der Anbieter von Telekommunikations- und Mehrwertdiensten e.V (VATM)' more than ever in an election year marked by the ongoing pandemic - especially in digital and telecommunications policy.

The new VATM Yearbook 2021 is therefore about an honest stocktaking, an analysis of the problem areas and solutions, how the ambitious feasible can be achieved and which paths are the right ones to get there against the background of the legal framework conditions. 

In the section "Topics that move the market", Dr. Lutz Reingen, Head of Key Account Management at coeo, writes about the changes in the legal regulations for debt collection companies that have already been passed and the resulting risks, but also the opportunities for smart debt collection - also in the telecommunications industry.

coeo has been a member of VATM for many years and supports the association and its members in all questions concerning debt collection in the telecommunications environment.

You can download the article (german) as a PDF here.
You can access the complete VATM yearbook here.

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