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Always the right debt collection strategy

Artificial Intelligence combined with first-class debt collection skills and many years of experience: that's how we will get your defaulting customer to settle their debt automatically or semi-automatically. And this without putting a strain on your business relationship.

Key Facts

Number of digital payment methods9
% of online payments+ 20%
% of digital agreements+ 43%
Number of emails per month+ 150.000

The coeo collection method

Our strategy? The perfect collaboration between man and machine! Apart from relying on our motivated, specially trained staff, we also use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for effective, customer-focused debt collection. The key to the success of your debt collection: an optimal mix of efficient process automation and individual flexibility - precisely geared to your customer's user experience!

Predictive analytics and next best action

The core of our approach is a self-learning algorithm that adapts to the user behaviour of your defaulting customer - i.e., recognises characteristic features or preferences and reacts to them accordingly in a communicative manner. This allows such things as the tonality, communication channel, payment process and payment to be individually selected throughout the personal customer journey. The result: settled debt and a relaxed customer!

Fast payment thanks to flexible algorithms

The focus of our actions: finding the best possible solution for you and your customer! In other words, getting your customer to settle the demand quickly - but in a friendly manner. How do we succeed in doing so? Among other things, we use what is known as “nudging”. This means that with little communicative “nudges” are used to help guide your customer in the best possible direction for your company. For example, the AI ascertains the customer’s preferred means of payment and then systematically suggests it to them - always at the right time and via the right channel. 

coeo for N-ERGIE

In 2019, coeo was the winner of a tender as a high-performance partner for N-ERGIE. Key parameters within the customer's catalogue of requirements were: demonstrably successful use of a DSC interface, experience on the part of the staff in the context of the energy industry and of SAP IS-U, and excellent debt collection know-how with regard to both active and passive contract accounts. These were complex challenges, which we succeeded in overcoming during the course of the project through good cooperation.

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coeo for N-ERGIE


„Continuous and automated collection handling across systems is only possible with a high level of expertise in processes and IT. As an SAP© solution provider, DSC has already been counting on coeo, a reliable and experienced provider of collection services, for years.“

Sascha Dobiasch , Managing Director

DSC Unternehmensberatung und Software GmbH

coeo Inkasso GmbH

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