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Our strategy: technology-driven & close to the client!

We create the right balance

Data-based collection, combined with the first-class expertise and long-standing experience of our employees: That’s how we persuade your customers to settle claims as if by magic. This approach maintains the right balance in your relationship as well.

Full Service, full Customer Happiness!

Satisfying our clients is our biggest motivation. We pull out all the stops to achieve this goal – along the entire cash journey! From meaningful advice from our experienced staff to our user-friendly portal with the broadest range of functions anywhere in the sector to identifying the best possible solution: You and your customers are at the heart of everything we think and do. After all, this is the only way to establish and preserve balanced relationships!

Key Facts

Number of digital payment methods9
% of online payments+ 20%
% of digital agreements+ 43%
Number of emails per month+ 150.000

The coeo collection method

Our strategy? Digital first and customer focused! Our spirit? Relentlessly dynamic, innovative and international! As a driving force within the sector, we rely on AI-supported processes in addition to our motivated, specially trained employees in Customer Service to settle outstanding collection claims as quickly and amicably as possible. The key to optimised solutions for both sides: a perfect blend of efficient process automation and individual flexibility – geared precisely to the needs of your customers!

Precise communication at all the right touch points!

Our method is built around self-learning processes that adapt to the behaviour of your customers. The system recognises how they communicate and draws conclusions on how best to respond. For instance, aspects such as tonality, communication channel and payment are selected individually throughout their personal customer journey. This may include usual methods like phone calls and written correspondence, as well as all standard digital channels. The result: settled debts and a relaxed customer!

Customer Service

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coeo for N-ERGIE

In 2019, coeo was the winner of a tender as a high-performance partner for N-ERGIE. Key parameters within the customer's catalogue of requirements were: demonstrably successful use of a DSC interface, experience on the part of the staff in the context of the energy industry and of SAP IS-U, and excellent debt collection know-how with regard to both active and passive contract accounts. These were complex challenges, which we succeeded in overcoming during the course of the project through good cooperation.

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coeo for N-ERGIE


„Continuous and automated collection handling across systems is only possible with a high level of expertise in processes and IT. As an SAP© solution provider, DSC has already been counting on coeo, a reliable and experienced provider of collection services, for years.“

Sascha Dobiasch , Managing Director

DSC Unternehmensberatung und Software GmbH

coeo Inkasso GmbH

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