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Professional receivables management – at every stage of the collection process.

Our approach to debt collection aims to reach a quick and, above all, amicable agreement with your customer. The coeo solution: motivated and specially trained staff, combined with smart collection management based on artificial intelligence – at every stage of the collection process.

Commercial dunning proceedings

In addition to the classic portfolio of debt collection services, we also offer our customers the option of commercial dunning as well as the associated customer service via "white labeling".


Out-of-court dunning proceedings

We first try to reach an amicable agreement out of court using a digital communication and collection strategy which is tailored to your customer. A variety of multidimensional communication and payment methods as well as self-learning algorithms, which always guarantee the “next best action”, complement the work of our staff.

Judicial proceedings

If all attempts to reach an out-of-court settlement fail, judicial proceedings follow. Our extensive database and data specifically collected during the out-of-court proceedings help us to conduct these proceedings as efficiently as possible and in an automated way: from applying for the necessary documents to processing any objections or appeals right up to conducting adversary proceedings.

Long-term monitoring

If a debt cannot be recovered in a timely manner for financial reasons, a monitoring procedure is carried out. Here, too, we use intelligent, highly automated processes which trigger the right action at the right time to ensure successful recovery – even years later!

More services for your customers

Customised services and intuitive user guidance: our service portal makes it easy for your customer to settle their outstanding debt. This enables us to motivate your customer – simply and digitally, but always with individual, personal support – to pay quickly and in full.

Your receivables at a glance

Would you like transparent monitoring with detailed information in one digital tool? With pleasure! Our client portal gives you full insight into your receivables data at any time – full details of individual files up to and including a compact dashboard of your receivables.

More services for your customers

Customised collection services and intuitive user guidance: our service portal makes it easy for your defaulting customer to settle his outstanding debt. See for yourself!

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coeo & Fabit

The focus of our actions is always on finding an optimal solution. In the best case, the result is a balanced debt and a balanced customer.

On this way it can help to offer debtors further support in the order & settlement of their debts. On this basis we cooperate with Fabit.

Fabit has developed a simple app that helps people improve their financial habits and keep track of their money.


Overview of your debt collection orders

Want to know how your receivables are faring? No problem - via our client portal you can view current information on all your cases any time. Simply log in to your personal area with your user name and password.

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Key Facts

Collection files per year+ 2,1 Mio
Solved debtor files in %+ 78%
Satisfied customers in %+ 83%

Satisfied customers

„In coeo we have found a partner who not only conducts future-oriented debt collection, but is just as customer-focused as we are. Furthermore, we were convinced by the clearly structured, professional and, last but not least, friendly collaboration - before and after signing the contract“

Thomas Gründlinger , Customer Process Management Private Customer Service

N-ERGIE public limited company

coeo Inkasso GmbH

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