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coeo for N-ERGIE

In 2019, coeo was the winner of a tender as a high-performance partner for N-ERGIE. The introduction and implementation of the DSC interface on the part of N-ERGIE laid the technical foundation for reorientation in the area of collection management. Key parameters within the customer's catalogue of requirements were: demonstrably successful use of a DSC interface, experience on the part of the staff in the context of the energy industry and of SAP IS-U, and excellent debt collection know-how with regard to both active and passive contract accounts. Cooperation began on schedule in the year 2019.


The challenge - DSC interface for perfect workflows!

The implementation and use of the DSC interface was intended to ensure an automated exchange of data in order to minimise the manual work involved in data processing. In the operational area, workloads were minimised by providing system access to coeo staff in order to create free capacity on the N-ERGIE side. The new introduction of the interface and the system adjustments on the part of N-ERGIE determined the "going live" date.

The solution – on time, innovative and efficient  

  • Successful and timely connection of N-ERGIE via the DSC interface
  • Massive reduction in manual intervention and queries
  • Improvement of collection performance
  • Establishment of a permanent team to continuously monitor progress and jointly initiate new projects

Satisfied customers

„In coeo we have found a partner who not only conducts future-oriented debt collection, but is just as customer-focused as we are. Furthermore, we were convinced by the clearly structured, professional and, last but not least, friendly collaboration - before and after signing the contract“

Thomas Gründlinger , Customer Process Management Private Customer Service

N-ERGIE public limited company