The AppStore of the energy industry: coeo Inkasso there from the start

Provider powercloud launches its own powerApp store at E-world in Essen. There are already 10 powerApps available. One of them is the collection solution from coeo Inkasso.

The AppStore of the energy industry

The AppStore of the energy industry: Provider powercloud launches its own powerApp-Store at E-world in Essen. With this, the powercloud SaaS platform now also offers the possibility to easily use third-party apps that expand powercloud's own offering. At the start, 10 powerApps are already available. One of them is the debt collection solution from coeo Inkasso.

With the new powerApp store, powercloud provides third-party providers with access to operate apps on the widely used powercloud platform, which customers can then in turn book in a similar way to apps on their mobile phones. Such apps are pre-integrated, tried and tested and can be used quickly. Initially, powercloud customers can access 10 apps that cover a wide range of functions and processes. Among them are modules for output management, i.e. the design and production of customer communication or reporting.

coeo Inkasso, one of the leading providers of debt collection solutions for energy companies and also an exhibitor at this year's E-world from 11-13 February 2020 in Essen, is one of the first companies to be included in the powerApp store right from the start. coeo Inkasso successfully combines "knowledge from experience" with the competence "man and machine" and therefore fits perfectly into the environment of the new powerApp-Store. In the entire meter-to-cash cycle of an energy supplier, coeo Inkasso offers specially optimised products and processes, from preventive receivables management to special collection solutions for meter operators and "collection management in the cloud" .

After the official launch of the powerApp store, the range and thematic diversity of powerApps will be expanded quickly. Several providers have already announced that they will be making further powerApps available.

About coeo Inkasso:

coeo Inkasso stands for intelligent receivables management and combines "knowledge from experience" with the competence "man and machine". In this way, new data-based, behaviour-oriented and customer-value-preserving collection strategies are constantly being developed.  Specially optimised products and processes are offered throughout the entire meter-to-cash cycle of an energy supplier. End-to-end reporting and analyses across all process stages are provided and an online client portal is made available. For the customers of its clients, coeo Inkasso offers a variety of self-services with payment options and a supplementary PayPage in a modern web-based portal. At an early stage, coeo Inkasso has already addressed the requirements of the utilities sector - and not only positioned itself as an innovation driver with customised product solutions, but also actively contributes its competencies as a development partner in the implementation of cloud solutions "Cloud Collection Management - Collection Services for Energy Suppliers.

About powercloud:

With its eponymous platform, powercloud GmbH has been offering an open SaaS solution for the energy industry since 2012 and covers the requirements of the supplier market role in particular. With well thought-out processes and the necessary "lean thinking", powercloud supports new providers in building their brand and makes existing municipal utilities and suppliers fit for the IT and sales requirements of the future. Today, powercloud already manages over six million contractual relationships and is thus by far the fastest growing CRM and billing system in the industry. In addition to EnBW, E.ON, EWE and Yello, powercloud's customers include a large number of municipal utilities and independent energy providers.

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