ECC Club study on new mobility

Key Account Management of coeo with input on issues around MaaS concepts

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"New mobility in the fast lane! How MaaS concepts are changing our lives." 

New mobility concepts have been high on the agenda for some time. Scooters and rental bikes characterise our street scene, scooters and ride-sharing vehicles populate our streets. The IFH COLOGNE took a close look. They looked at the big cities and metropolises in Germany, but also in the Netherlands and the USA, and asked people. What do their usage patterns and motivations look like? Are scooters used for fun in leisure time or to cover the last mile in daily traffic? And: How many providers does a city dweller actually use? 

The race for the mobile customer is open so far. Sharing providers and MaaS platforms are fighting for the best access. Local top dogs are establishing themselves, super apps dominate entire continents. But in many places the competitive landscape is a pure patchwork. The question arises as to the growth areas for sharing providers. Do payment and delivery offer prospects? 

And finally: what does this mean for retail? Because retail is always changing, the new rules of the game of mobility also offer opportunities for future-oriented retail.

As a member of the ECC Club, at coeo industry experts from key account management were interviewed about questions surrounding MaaS concepts. You can find the answers on page 81 of the newly published study, which we are happy to make available for download here:

ECC CLUB study "Neue Mobilität" (PDF, german)

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