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About us

Technology-driven, customer-centric market leader for ‘buy now, pay later’ collections. At coeo, we deliver 100% smart claims management based on artificial intelligence and concepts from behavioural research. Our main goal? To restore lasting balance to customer relationships – as quickly as possible! That’s why we adopt a friendly, competent and personal approach towards all stakeholders – at all times and all touch points along the cash journey. As a speedboat in the sector, we combine the capacity and competence of a corporation with the flexibility of a medium-sized company and the spirit of a fintech start-up. Always digital first & customer focused!            

key facts entire coeo Group

Revenue+ 193 Mio. €
Number of staff+ 600
Number of countries7
Debt collection files per year+ 5,0 Mio.
Group Headquarter
coeo Group GmbH
coeo Group GmbH
United Kingdom
coeo Inkasso GmbH

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